Our mission

At Dirtmaster Cornwall we have one simple aim, that's to provide excellent results, honest advice and great customer care where quality work and care for your items meets great affordable prices.
We do things properly and follow all the correct procedures and stages when taking care of your valuable items and we never skip stages. The cleans from us use the very best products and machinery to get good and safe results. We're local and we love the people and place we live in and have a passion for what we do.

What we do?

At Dirtmaster Cornwall we offer a range of different services including interim cleans, full deep cleans, stain removal, odour removal, urine sick or faeces clean up, removal of paint, make up, oil, tar, among others.
We also offer leather cleaning, leather restoration, leather repairs aswell as leather protectors and stain guards. Our carpet cleaning process and results are among the best in the industry backed up by our reviews and we offer both carpet cleaning for domestic carpets and commercial carpet cleaning.

Carpet cleaning

Dirtmaster Cornwall offer professional and affordable carpet cleaning to both domestic and commercial properties across the southwest. As many tenants and home owners will know the cost of replacing carpets when they look tired and dirty can run into thousands of pounds. We pride ourselves on having a proven and lengthy track record of being able to deep clean and restore even the very worst soiled carpets.

Leather Upholstery

Dirtmaster Cornwall can offer you outstanding results on your leather upholstery cleaning. We have an excellent track record and success rate on getting our customers leather upholstery looking, smelling and feeling as good as new. Our deep clean includes a leather feed removal of dirt and oils, deodorisation and will leave your leather sofa looking twice as bright as before.


Please, don't hesitate if you have any further queries. We are always available for a chat.
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